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Why DGkul?

We listen to your Need

With a team of professionals having 7 to 11 years of experience and its stakeholders from Industry leaders, DGKul is a great place to learn everything and excel in professional life.

Choice of Compelling Design & Ideas

Our Internship program of up to 6 months gives you certification and real-world hands-on experience to make you who you are. When you walk out, your identity–-your being self— speaks about what you carry within you.

Unlimited Revisions & Lifetime Support

We promise to give you learn and work on the live project because we understand without it, you would be worth nothing. We let you go once you feel confident about each project and work assigned to you during your intern period at DGKul Academy.

We Offer…

This is the first ladder that introduces you to the world of Digital Marketing. As a beginner certification, this Online Digital marketing Course includes Introduction to Digital Marketing, SEO, and understanding different levels of SEO and its integration, Social Media Marketing on FB, Twitter, and Instagram.

This will walk you through the ins and outs of the previous Digital marketing Course. Apart from that, you will learn important components: Search Engine Marketing related to raking on SERPs of Google, Web Analytics—analyzing user’s behavior and reports.

This set of modules will make you think like a pro from the perspective of Digital Marketing professionals. You will learn subjects—including the above two in-depth—e-commerce, how to plan and create a website and its design, Email Marketing, and PPC.

With this ninja-level module, you will already be in expert mode with live projects but you will become a whole expert when you complete the following components: email campaign and strategy, affiliate marketing, YouTube, and content strategy.

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The Sky's The Limit

We Have Created Unique Courses That Help Your Career Grow

Our Digital marketing Courses are fun to learn and unique because we understand each student is unique on their own—-some would prefer learning through text, some through visual training, and some through visual and textual presentation(both). And some students like practicals more than theoretical ones. Hence, we take care of individual preferences during the session and training.

We give real world training

what will you learn?

Social Media Marketing

You’ll get an expert level of hands-on experience in Social Media Marketing—public outreach on FB, Instagram, and Twitter. You will learn all the facets of connecting audience through all these platforms making yourself and your resume outshine others.


SEO, over the period, has become the backbone of Web 3 or Industry 4’s Internet era. We don’t teach you conventionally on this, rather our course of training and sessions includes all the dimensions that a Digital Marketing Academy would consider imparting to its students such as how to optimize articles, website, or blog and generate organic traffic and revenues as well as technical parts of SEO.


Once you are an expert on SEO and Social media, we will let you focus on PPC sessions so that you can learn how to generate revenues out of ads that is driven through traffic. Not only this, you will learn how to increase website visibility using PPC.

Youtube Marketing

As part of expert certification, you will also learn how to generate content for YouTube and traffic organically. We will teach you how to look for Keywords and staff them, how to put tags and Titles, and how to create Thumbnails that attract users’ attention, etc.

Web Design​

Creating a website has become like everybody’s cup of tea; however, making it visible within a short span of time is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, at DGKul Academy, you will become an expert on both parts—from creating a website on platforms like WordPress, Wix, Magneto, Ticktail, etc. to tracking its visibility.

Content Marketing​

Under this module, you will learn how to excel in content strategy to attract the audience, engage them and finally retain them and convert them into leads. This will help you to become an expert in lead generation specialist.

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Executive Director

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Meet our entrepreneurs

Several of our former students are now working in different areas of digital marketing. Some of them have become CEOs, and some of them started their own start-ups; needless to say, there are others who are working as expert professionals for brands such as Accenture, Walmart, TCS, Amazon, etc.

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Software Development Mathura

If you want to stay ahead and outshine your competitors, bring uniqueness to your services.  Presenting the same experience to your customers as they get it from others will make no difference to them—the same old thing. With DGkul, the superior software development company in Mathura, you can certainly employ uniqueness for your customer experience and also for your own cause. Because, whatever software be it a Website app, Mobile app, Cloud-based app, or full-stack software, we do it for you and your customer uniquely. You and your client’s impression never gets compromised with our services and solutions. This is what we do at DGkul—the prominent software company in Mathura helping you grow your technical solutions requirement across the varied industry.

The Process of Software Development Mathura Locals Require the Most: Updated Methodology

Software Development Methodology

We provide industry-specific or niche-based software solutions that the current clients would need for their business acceleration. In other words, we deliver top-performing software products as per your requirement which are user experience specific with unique quality. So, whether you are looking for customized solutions or off-the-shelf-offering, the DGkul as a versatile and reliable software development company in Mathura is the place to go with. Because we indulge in our development process with the most updated and advanced technology and tools using all the SDLCs(Software Development Life Cycle) to craft and deliver engaging and user-focused software products. We are well versed in all the up-to-date software solutions such as Web app or Android app development in Mathura

Adaptable and Iterative Methodology

We utilize the resources and processes that bring iterative excellency yet are adaptable and flexible to the dynamics of the current time.

Correct & Updated Usage of SDLC

With our experienced Software Development Mathura experts in DGkul, we begin to develop products keeping the current SDLC in mind.

Faster Development Processes

We employ processes that yield faster results because along with our own strategy, we use Planning, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Adaptable and Agile Approaches

As a leading software company in Mathura, we employ advanced approaches along with the present ones like Waterfall, Spiral, Agile, and Scrum.

Consistent Metrics Application

And during the development process, we apply metrics that are consistent, which brings in efficient result-oriented performance and domain usability.

We are an intellect-driven software solutions provider; join us to unleash the potentials your business can get you.

Match Your Service Requirement from Dynamic Software Development Company in Mathura

Service Requirement

As your business relies on the most dynamic impetus provided by how your software application or web application, we cater to you with the technology to help you move past all your business bottlenecks. Every time your potential clients find any unique experience, they move to that host and ultimately switch to them. The services that we provide will help you not only to satisfy your clients but also retain them with your services. As a leading software company in Mathura and around NCR, we design, structure, and develop software ranging from Web apps, Mobile apps, or Web designing services in Mathura and Cloud-based apps, Desktop apps, and enterprise software apps.

Web-Based App Development

If you want to impress your user base by introducing them to customized web apps to eliminate the off-the-shelf experience, take the help of our solutions covering from development to maintenance.

Innovative Mobile Applicaion

You want your customers to experience your software products while they are on the go; we are here to help you to build the software that delights your customer with easy to use interface and updated design.

Faster Desktop Application

Most desktop applications have become obsolete. However, there are some enterprises that still require desktop apps.  Our software development Mathura engineers produce faster and more agile desktop apps.  

Cloud-Based App Development

With a strong strategy from development to implementation, we provide all the cloud app building and service including migration and customized cloud software development and application integration.

Enterprise Software Solutions

When it comes to the requirements of any particular software for an entity, cost-effectiveness matters a lot with higher performance. DGkul as the top software company in Mathura provides all enterprise solutions.

Software Maintenance Support

And we not only provide software development but also maintenance support to our clients when they come across any issues related to off-the-shelf,  customized, in-house, or existing software/applications.

Why Should You Choose Us: the Leading Software Company in Mathura?

We cover a wide range of services because we have subsets of the team that look after various streams of dedicated jobs such as Software development, Web designing, SEO marketing, SMO in Mathura, and PPC marketing.  However, we are an excellent software development company in Mathura because we have enthusiastic and the most professional and dedicated professionals who know how to deliver the service on time, maintaining the customer service relationship. And with domain expertise, we are the best cost-effective alternative for your business and we offer ourselves for your result-oriented choice. The reasons are as follows:

Quality a Top Priority

Whether you need Web, Mobile, or Cloud-based apps, we deliver all of them at high-quality performance. We know that if a business needs uniqueness, it all starts with a quality experience.

Industry Experience

We have a highly skilled labor force with a knack to learn from various industry perspectives which makes them the most sought-after resource in and around Mathura and NCR; we have helped many.

Full Stack Integration

With a diverse background, DGkul has evolved as the premiere software development company in Mathura not because it provides software solutions but because it caters to clients with full-stack solutions.

Cost Efficient Technology

More importantly, we provide software technology solutions that are cost-efficient. However, even with affordable service, we maintain perfection so that your client user’s experience does not get compromised. 

Report & Analysis Calibration

Each project we complete goes through an evaluation process. We collaborate with the client’s team in order to understand their business. We arrange calibration meeting for sharing reports and getting suggestions.

Dedicated Support System

Being the top software development Mathura experts, we understand every client goes through certain redeployment and readjustment to their technology or faces some issues; our support team resolves them.

Which Business Does Our Software Development Company in Mathura Support?

In fact, we support almost all business setups or entities and all the domains that the business entity or enterprise takes help from the software applications to outreach to their current and potential clients.  Apart from this, we help new businesses to expand their footprint and become brand in customer vision. And for those who are looking to begin start-ups and new enterprises, we are the most reliable software company in Mathura. With our sub-branch(subsidiary)—Digital Marketing in Mathura along with the software engineer team, you can boost your startup initiative such as the following list(though not subject to its limit):

FinTech Solutions

Financial Technology is a boon now; you can partner with our experts to start your venture with a unique strategy.

EduTech Services

If you want to take your online education platform to the next level, you should certainly need to collaborate with us.

Hospitality Solutions

This sector will expand as the population grows more; software development Mathura experts will help you with it. 

HealthTech Services

Our technology provides services to fill the needs of the health sector with a unique experience for your customers.

HRTech Solutions

The HR departments need highly efficient platforms; we provide the software technology that fulfills this requirement.

Monitoring Solutions

If you need agile yet cost-effective software solutions, DGkul software development company in Mathura meets that too.

Contact Us

The business world is changing very fast. Those who take the first initiative get to experience the real value of what they hold inside them. We provide solutions that involve technology as well as personal questions. If you have any questions or if you are unable to make up your mind regarding how to start your venture, reach out to us—the most reliable software company in Mathura.

We help with every business requirement from the off-the-shelf, in-house to customized solutions; associate with us and transform your setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, the time taken by a project depends on the complexity of the technical structure. Some projects take 3-5 months which are simple ones, some take 9 months and the rest might take 1-2 years. However, as we have a diverse network of professionals from the leading software company in Mathura, we take less time than the specified limit. 

Definitely, DGkul is an expert in everything be it off-the-shelf applications, in-house or customized software products. We, as an affordable and efficient software company in Mathura, design software and produce it keeping the user experience in mind. Until and unless it is unique, your user will always experience the same old level of satisfaction. Because the world needs new experiences; so, we give top priority to the uniqueness of your software applications. All this comes from expertise in custom solutions which we excel in. 

We are a team of experts that includes professionals with diverse industry backgrounds and experience within the spectrum of software development and solutions. Our organization gives full-stack software development services. Not only that, we have dedicated and highly skilled technical support to resolve your queries. And apart from the customized software, we offer service to the existing technology–in-house or off-the-shelf software and applications. On top of that, as a cost-effective software company in Mathura, we provide affordable software services. Hence, these are the qualities that set us apart from others. And yes, if you need custom and unique software technology, we can exceedingly help you with those. 

DGkul provides all the current services that are going on in the software development sectors. We provide web, mobile, desktop, and cloud-based apps.  As for specific domain preferences, we offer FinTech, EdTech, HealthTech, and many other solutions.

DGkul offers full-served software solutions that are efficient as well as affordable, which makes it a better choice for any business looking to expand their business. You will get a custom design as per your requirement. Therefore, DGkul as a software development Mathura enthusiast can be a perfect choice.  

Sure,  you can certainly take DGkul’s assistance in getting the software or application to begin your start-up business. We deal with all kinds of startup initiatives such as FinTech, HealthTech, Hospitality, EducationTech, and so on.

Apart from serving the clients in Mathura, we have worked on a number of projects assigned to us from other parts of the country such as NCR, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Chennai. We are open not just to software solutions but also to SMO, SEO, and PPC in Mathura because along with software engineers, we have sub-branches(subsidiaries) within our company settings.

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