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Discover the Unique Approach of Our Award-Winning Digital Marketing Academy in Mathura

Dive into our dynamic learning environment, and explore how our expert instructors, hands-on projects, and industry partnerships empower students to master digital marketing skills in Mathura.

Learning Objectives

Our mission at DGKul in Mathura is to equip students with a set of job-ready digital marketing skills that allows them to achieve success in their careers. 

We offer flexible learning options and provide students with access to resources and guidance from experienced industry professionals. Our program focuses on delivering results-driven, hands-on instruction to help our students become top contenders in the digital marketing field.

Certifications & Awards

We are proud to offer certifications and awards that recognize our student’s hard work and dedication. We also offer special discounts for those who complete our courses within certain timelines or earn specific grades on their exams.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure that all graduates of DGKul are well prepared to enter the digital marketing field. 

Events & Workshops

In addition to our comprehensive course offerings, we host a variety of events and workshops throughout the year to give our students access to top industry professionals and further their knowledge base. These events often include seminars, hackathons, and networking opportunities with recruiters from leading digital marketing companies.

Career Services Team

If you’re ready to take your digital marketing career to the next level, our career services team is here to help. We provide one-on-one guidance on resume writing, job search strategies, interviewing tips, and more. Our team is dedicated to helping you not just land your dream job, but be successful in it.

Services & Support

Our team is dedicated to providing our students with the highest level of support and services throughout their learning process. We provide around-the-clock tech support for any technical difficulties that may arise as well as help with course material or any questions related to our curriculum. Our instructors are also available during regular office hours for any additional assistance needed. For those seeking more personalized one-on-one guidance, we offer private tutoring sessions with our industry-leading educators. 

Faculty & Mentors

Our faculty consists of some of the most experienced professionals in the digital marketing field. Our mentors are passionate about sharing their knowledge and guiding our students through their learning journey. They bring real-world experience to the classroom which allows our students to get an inside perspective on what it takes to be successful in this ever-changing industry.

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We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We are always looking for ways to connect with our students and alumni. Follow us on social media or join one of our virtual communities to get exclusive access to resources, tips, and insights from leaders in the digital marketing industry! 

We also invite you to participate in our events and workshops, which offer unique learning experiences that can help advance your career.  Whatever your digital marketing needs may be, we look forward to connecting with you soon!

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