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In today’s world, where everything is done digitally, from education to business, digital marketing has gained huge importance. In a current scenario, if a brand wants to grow, they have to take the help of digital marketing. Do you know what this has led to? A lot of job opportunities in the field of digital marketing. Now, you can become a digital marketer and earn good money. 

Now, here are a set of questions that might come to your head, like how you can become a digital marketer, what skills and necessary for digital marketing, and where you can learn digital marketing from. Well, you will get all your answers here. 

Learning digital marketing is definitely tricky but not impossible. If you are from Agra and looking for the best digital marketing course in Agra, then DGKul is the right choice for you. At DGKul, we have world-class teachers who can explain the toughest concepts in the easiest way. 

Why DGKul?

When it comes to digital marketing course in Agra, you can easily find a number of institutions that teach digital marketing, but we assure you that you will not find an institute as professional and fulfilling as DGKul. Here are some of the reasons why DGKul is the top digital marketing institute in Agra. 

  • Courses for Everyone 

No matter if you are a college student, a full-time job person, or a housewife trying to start her career, our digital marketing course is for everyone. We conduct digital marketing classes on weekdays as well as weekends, with morning and evening batches so that everyone can join our course. 

  • Industry Expert Teachers

We have teachers who have immense knowledge of digital marketing and have been working in this field since the very start. Moreover, they give separate focus to each student so that everyone can work better in their career. Our teachers can explain the toughest topics in the easiest ways. 

  • Introduction to Tools 

At DGKul, we not only teach you about digital marketing but also introduce you to the tools that are used in digital marketing, like Search Engine Optimization, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, Pay Per Click, etc., so that once you complete your course, you can directly land a job with good salary. 

  • Practical Knowledge 

While most digital marketing institute in Agra just focus on theoretical knowledge, we also provide you with practical knowledge so that you come out as a full-fledged digital marketer. For this, we make you work on live projects and apply the digital marketing techniques that we have taught.  

  • Placement Guarantee 

At DGKul, we stay by your side until you get the job or internship that you want. Yes, we help you with your placements. We provide you with the list of companies that are hiring employees. Along with this, we also help you with the interview preparation so that you can ace it. 

  • Personalized Modules

We listen to your needs and aims, and depending on that, we provide you with a personalized course that includes all the modules, skills, and tools that are necessary for you to attain your goal. This is the reason why we are the best digital marketing company in Agra.

Who Should Join Our Digital Marketing Course in Agra?

So, you must be wondering, if our course is right for you or not. Well, our tailor made courses are for everyone. Here are the people who generally join our digital marketing course in Agra. 

  • Students: Students who want to start their career early can join our course. 
  • Housewives: Our course is perfect for women who want to start or restart their careers. 
  • Graduates: If someone has recently graduated and is looking for their first job, they can join our course. 
  • Post Graduates: People who have completed their post graduation can enroll in our course. 
  • Job People: If you are already pursuing a job and want to upskill yourself, our course is ideal for you. 
  • Small Business Owners: In case you are a small business owner and cannot hire a digital marketing agency, you can join our course and learn all the tricks. 
  • Entrepreneurs: People who want to start their own digital marketing company in Agra can enroll in your course. 
  • Field Change: If you are already a working professional but want to join the digital marketing field, join our course right now.  
  • Upskill: If you want to upskill yourself, you can join our course and learn everything about digital marketing. 

Courses We Offer 

At DGKul, we offer 4 different digital marketing courses, which last from 2 to 6 months. Depending on your needs and goals, you can select the right course for yourself. 

Basic Digital Marketing Course 

It is perfect for people who want to be introduced to the field of digital marketing and need an overview of the fundamentals of digital marketing. 

Advanced Digital Marketing Course

If you want to upskill yourself and get better job opportunities, then you can take our advanced digital marketing course. 

Pro Digital Marketing Course

Are you a job seeker who wants to work as a freelance digital marketer? Well, then, with closed eyes, you can go with our pro course. 

Ninja Digital Marketing Course

Hands down, the Ninja course is our most taken course. It is perfect for people who want to grow their career as a digital marketer or start their own digital marketing agency. Here, you get to learn the A to Z of digital marketing, including all the theoretical and practical knowledge, along with the information on digital marketing tools. 

How Can Our Digital Marketing Course Help You?

Our courses are definitely helpful, but here’s how they can actually help you. 

  • Make You Job Ready 

If you are a job seeker, then our course is going to be a boon for you. It will prepare you for your job with all the theoretical and practical knowledge that you need. 

  • Upgrade Yourself 

Your course helps you learn new skills and upgrade yourself. With this, you can get better jobs and freelancing opportunities and earn good money. 

  • Start Your Own Company 

If you want to become an entrepreneur and start your own digital marketing company, then our course is all you need to kickstart your agency. 

Everything That You Get To Learn

  • Fundamentals & Basics of Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing 
  • Google Ads (Pay Per Click)
  • Web Designing 
  • Google Analytics 
  • Lead Generation 
  • Social Media Marketing (S.S.M)
  • Creative Marketing Strategies 
  • Online Reputation Management 
  • Google Webmaster Tools 
  • Mobile Marketing 
  • Black Hat Marketing Techniques 
  • E-Mail Marketing 
  • E-Commerce Marketing 
  • Geographical Marketing 
  • Case Studies 
  • Competitor Analysis 
  • Local Business Advertisment 
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Interview Preparation 
  • Inbound Marketing 
  • Video Marketing 
  • Social Media Optimization 
  • Search Engine Algorithm 
  • Freelancing 
  • YouTube Marketing

Student Diaries 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at DGKul, we offer 4 different digital marketing course in Agra, namely, 

  • Basic
  • Advanced 
  • Pro 
  • Ninja 

Depending on the course of your choice, the duration can last up to 6 months. The beginner’s course is our shortest course, which is about 1260 hours.

No, there is no age limit because we truly believe that when it comes to learning, age is just a number. Anyone can be a part of our digital marketing course, starting from students to professionals who have been working in this field for many years now.

Yes, if you are successfully able to complete our course and pass the final exam, then we will provide you with the course certificate. Moreover, if your performance is extraordinary, we will also provide you with a letter of recommendation.

Yes, we will be by your side until you get a good job or internship. We also provide you with updates regarding the latest hiring and internship opportunities, along with interview training. 

It totally depends on your aim and what exactly you want to learn. However, our Ninja digital marketing course is the most popular course out of all. In this course, you get to learn the A to Z of digital marketing along with theoretical and practical knowledge. 

Definitely, at DGKul, we offer morning and evening, weekdays and weekend classes. As per your comfort, you can join any course that you want. If you are a full-time job person, you can join our weekend morning or evening classes. 

The course of digital marketing course depends on a number of factors like the course that you are going for, if you need a tailor made course or not, and which batch you are opting for. 

In order to start digital marketing, you just need to learn the skills of digital marketing. You can do this by joining a digital marketing course, and within 4 to 6 months, you will become a professional digital marketer. 

There is no specific requirement for digital marketing. You can even start digital marketing after completing your 10th class. All you need is the digital marketing skills. 

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