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Guide To Elevate Website’s Ranking With Expert On Page SEO Techniques

Do you own a website but are confused about how to rank it? Well, creating a website is easy but managing it and ranking it requires actual efforts along with hard work.

Guide To Elevate Website’s Ranking With Expert On Page SEO Techniques

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However, if you are thinking of bringing traffic to your website, then on-page SEO can be your way to success. It helps your website crawl on SERP and make its place at the top. But what is it, and why is it that important? If your head is flooded with these kinds of questions, then this guide can rescue you. In the below guide, we are going to discuss what is on page SEO, why it is important,  what it includes, and how to do it. So without doing further ado, let’s explore every aspect of on page SEO.

What is On Page SEO?

On page SEO is a method to rank a web page and make it relevant for users as well. With the best on page SEO practice, one can boost the traffic to the website and increase organic reach and engagement. There are various little tasks submerged in on page SEO and one is required to fulfill all of them to achieve the harmony of being on the first page of Google. 

Google analyzes your content on the basis of on page SEO as it helps Google to know whether your content is relevant and better than your competitor if not then your competitor will outrank you. However, on page SEO is done on the web page itself to make an article or blog relevant for its audience and to make it relevant and liable to rank on the search engines.

Why is On Page SEO Important?

On page SEO activities is the root of digital success and a hard-core online presence. It also serves the ability to dominate search engines and influence SERPs. It is an organic way to outrank your competitors and a strategic move for long term results. In the below pointers, we are going to check what it can bring to you and why it is so important. 

It Helps To Rank The Website

By incorporating on page SEO techniques into the web page, you can improve the ranking of the website as it makes it easier for Google to analyze your website and to rank your page. In addition, these SEOs will also help crawlers to engage in your content.

Enhanced User Engagement

By on page SEO techniques, you can rank on search engines which will help in improving user engagement to your page by putting your article on the first place, you will be liable to fulfill the needs of every visitor of your website, which means you have organic traffic, and organic traffic will help you to have relevant user engagement.

Cost Effective Way To Rank

Performing on page SEO is an effective way to rank the website, but why we are saying this because it doesn’t need any money expense. However, it only needs some effort and mindfulness. There is another way to rank a website, which is known as PPC. It is liable to rank a website instantly and show immediate results. If you want to know more about it, you can simply go to our dedicated guide on what is PPC.

Enhanced User Experience

As on page SEO helps to optimize the page visually, content-wise and relevantly. This way, your content or web page would be relevant to the user intent, which will help users have a seamless experience on your website

Improved Conversion Rates

As on page SEO will optimize the content completely and make it relevant as per the user intent, this will help to have relevant uses for your site. In this case, if you have relevant users on your site this will directly impact the relevant engagement. Relevant engagement is a way to improve conversion rates. In addition, improved conversion rates and engagement will help you to boost your revenue.

What On Page SEO Includes?

On page SEO tools includes various little tasks that an on page specialist has to perform to rank a website. Well, on page SEO is a comprehensive approach to ranking a website which encompasses numerous elements to thrive. It helps to improve a webpage’s visibility, user experience, and relevance in search engine results. 

By incorporating elements of on page SEO tools, you can boost your traffic and the overall visibility of your website on the Google search engine. Let’s check what on-page SEO factors includes in the below list.

  • Content Quality
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • URL Structure
  • Header Tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.)
  • Image Optimization
  • Internal Linking
  • Outbound Links
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Page Speed
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Social Media Integration
  • Schema Markup
  • Canonical Tags
  • Content Updates
  • Analytics Integration
  • SSL Certificate
  • Robot.txt File
  • Avoiding Duplicate Content

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Top On Page SEO Techniques

We have already talked about what an on page SEO includes. Well, we have also formed a dedicated section that will include all the tabs and strategies to perform on site SEO for your website. By following the tips and tricks below, you can optimize your pages exponentially and rank them on search engines.

Write Unique, Helpful Content 

As Google keeps updating its terms of ranking, it wants to be more authenticated and helpful to the user. Hence, Google focuses more on user intent based content. By crafting unique and user intent base content, one can actually perform on page SEO. Yes, you are not required to publish AI content, spin content, copied content, or irrelevant long written content that doesn’t align with the user intent.

Place Target Keywords Strategically

If you are thinking that placing keywords in the content is a way to rank the web page, then you are too far from reality. In on site SEO, you are not required to place keywords in order to actually place the keyword. Organically writing the content and using the keyword in it will help you rank on Google.

Write Keyword-Rich Title Tags

On-page SEO technique also involves title tags and enriched with relevant and high density keywords. One must use keyword rich title tags to increase the ranking of the page. You can use the main or primary keyword in H1, H2, and in the meta title as well.

Write Click-Worthy Meta Descriptions

While writing the meta description, you must keep in mind that it is under 160 characters and click worthy for the user. The meta description should be able to explain your content completely. You must write everything that your content has. Moreover, it is not about placing the primary keyword in meta descriptions, you can also use secondary keywords in it.

Use Headings And Subheadings To Structure Your Page

If you are an on page specialist, then you must know the importance of structuring the content. Formatting the content is the best way to optimize your content. An article or blog should be easy to understand and should align with the user intent. Hence, it is important to divide your content by headings. This way, the user will easily find its need in your content. In addition, formatting will also help Google to analyze your content in order to rank it.

Optimize URLs

On page SEO factors includes another aspect, which is optimizing URLs. This will help Google to know what is your page actually about and what is its actual user intent. With the best of the URLs, you can actually target your relevant audience and users.  You must use your primary keyword in the permalink and use relevant alt text for your graphics.

Add Internal Links & Add External Links 

You must make your page high authority to come into the attention of Google. For this, you are required to add external linking and internal linking. Well, internal linkings will help your page to show the expectations in the field of your writing. Google will understand that you are the expert of the specified field and this will impact your ranking. Furthermore, external links would help you to show that your content is well researched and well versed. Google will take external linkages as your content is actually created with too much attention and with precise ethics.

Include And Optimize Images 

Graphics play a very crucial role in creating your content visually appealing. It becomes boring and interestless to read only text tiles. Hence, it is necessary to have optimized and visually appealing images and graphics in the content. Moreover, you must keep in mind, alt text, while including images in your content. All text should include either primary or secondary keywords or should be explained in the graphic.

Frequently Asked Questions

On page SEO is performed on the web page itself, and the off page SEO is the backend SEO process that helps to increase the trust of the website in the eyes of Google. Moreover, by performing both the SEO ethically, you can rank your website organically will help you to boost your credibility on Google.

If you need to rank a page, it will require SEO, which includes keyword placement and various other things that we have written in our article about. Well, best on page or off page SEO practices, one can actually rank their website on the first page and in the first place. 

Keyword stuffing is the process of placing relevant and high keyword density keywords in the content. Well, with the constantly evolving Google theory of ranking a site, keyword stuffing has become a bit irrelevant. Google will rank only those websites that use keywords organically without including them intentionally in the content.

Well, there are only three types of SEO. The first type is on page SEO, which includes the optimisation of web pages performed on the web page itself. Second is the off page SEO, which includes back and SEO processes such as creating backlinks, guest posts, etc. The third type is the technical SEO, which includes technology aspects of the website that are important to improve rankings and help crawlers to analyze your page. 


On page SEO is a way to rank a website organically and come to the attention of Google. With the best SEO practice on the web pages, you can out-compete your competitors and bring results for a long period of time. It helps to boost organic traffic and relevant engagement, which directly increases your conversion rate and product sales. This way, on page SEO can help you grow exponentially. In the above guide, we have talked about every aspect of on page SEO, from its definition to its importance and how to practice it 

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