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What is Off Page SEO (How it Helps Your Brand)

If you are aware of digital marketing, then you might also know how important SEO is for a website and what role it plays in the ranking of a website. Well, do you know that SEO has two components, off page SEO and on page SEO? 

What is Off Page SEO (How it Helps Your Brand)

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Well, the ranking of your website mainly depends on the content you publish, how well you optimize the content, and how helpful your website is for the users. But that’s not the only thing that determines the ranking. It also depends on factors outside your website. You can also improve your ranking by performing certain tasks outside your website. This is called off-page SEO. 

In this article, we will tell you what is off page SEO. Along with this, we will also tell you how it helps your business and how you can get the best out of it. So, without any further delay, let’s just jump on to the main topic. 

What is Off Page SEO?

The term SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO helps in ranking of your page in the search engine. Although your website’s ranking majorly depends on the website and how well-optimized its content is, that is not the only thing that determines the ranking of your website. In order to rank your page, Google also considers other sources outside your website or domain, like how many websites are referring to your website, etc. So, off-site SEO also plays a big role in the ranking of a website. 

Off page SEO or off site SEO is basically every action that is done outside your own website to improve your website’s ranking on the search engine. It includes things like building backlinks, brand mentions, etc. 

In short, every promotional action or activity that you do outside your website is a part of off page SEO activities. It consists of press exposure and ad campaigns on other websites. Off page SEO techniques help in adding relevance, authority, trustworthiness, and credibility to your domain. 

How Off Page SEO Helps Your Brand?

Now that you know what is off page SEO, it is time to understand how it helps your brand. By now, you know that it helps in improving your website’s ranking, but it is time to check out each and every way off-site SEO helps your website. 

1. Enhanced User Engagement

There are various off-site SEO activities that can enhance the amount of people who engage with your website. One of the prime examples of this is social media marketing. It also helps in bringing more traffic and visibility to your website. Moreover, when people share your links, comment on your posts, like them, etc., you get even more engagement and visibility.  

2. Building Online Reputation

Suppose your friend has bought clothes from any particular store, and they recommend it to you. Would you believe them? Definitely, because the praise is coming from someone you trust and not the store itself. It is true that every brand brags about its products and services on its own website, but the real reputation building and trustworthiness starts when even other websites praise you. That is when the audience actually believes in your authenticity and credibility. 

3. Increased Website Visibility

Off-page SEO techniques like affiliate marketing and social media marketing can help you increase your visibility. When more people come to know about your brand, it results in higher lead generation and conversion and, ultimately, more sales and profit. 

4. Improved Search Engine Rankings

As we told you, the ranking of your page is not just improved by on page SEO, but off page SEO also plays a big role in it. Things like backlinks from authentic and relevant websites can help you top the search engine. Google gives a lot of importance to backlinks from reputed websites. 

5. Reach Targeted Audience Faster 

Every brand has its own targeted audience. SEO off page optimization can help you reach your targeted audience faster. While it might take months for you to recognize and reach your audience organically, with the help of these techniques and promotion through people and websites from the same niche, you can reach your targeted audience way faster. 

Difference Between Off-Page SEO and On Page SEO

Now that we have talked so much about off page search engine optimization, you must be wondering how it is different from on page SEO. Well, we have got you covered. Here are the simplified differences among these two components of SEO. 

S. No. 

On Page SEO

Off Page SEO


All the activities that are done on the website to improve ranking on the search engine. 

All the activities that are done outside the website to improve ranking on the search engine. 


It includes internal linking, publishing good content, writing unique titles and meta descriptions, etc. 

It includes backlinks, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, press exposure, and ad campaigns on other websites.  


Works through image optimization. 

Works through brand mentions. 


You have full control of on page SEO.  

You have limited control on off site SEO. 


Proper canonicalization. 

Ratings and reviews management 


Top notch and relevant content posting. 

Guest posting. 

Off Page SEO Techniques

Now that we know what is off page SEO and how it is different from on page SEO, in this section, we will tell you about the off page SEO techniques that you can use to boost your website’s ranking. Here we go!

1. Social Media Marketing 

In the current era, everyone uses social media. Some people even spend their whole day scrolling through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. In this scenario, social media marketing has been a big advantage for brands. With the help of promotion on social media platforms, your brand gets more engagement, reach, and visibility. 

2. Backlinks 

Backlinks are one of the most important techniques of off-site search engine optimization that help improve the ranking of your website. The more the number of backlinks you have, the better ranking you get on the search engine. However, the number of backlinks does not matter; its quality is also a big factor. There are basically two types of backlinks that you can use to boost your Google ranking: natural links and links acquired by self-promotion. 

3. Broken Link Building 

Building broken links results in a better user experience. In this, you basically have to find the broken links and rebuild the link so that it can have a proper redirect to the main website and prevent error 404. This way, your website will get more traffic through redirection. Moreover, you must check everything before posting a link to avoid spelling or any such mistakes. 

4. Guest Posting

A guest is someone who goes to someone else’s place. Similarly, guest posting is the process of publishing your content on someone else’s website. With the help of guest posting, you can reach to a larger audience. Moreover, with the quality of your content and your command over the niche, you can also win the audience’s trust by showing them that you have immense knowledge of the field. 

You can easily find various websites that accept guest posts. In order to check if a website allows guest posting or not, you can check if they have any section named “Write with us,” “Guest blogging,” “Contribute,” “become a contributor”, etc. 

5. Local SEO

If you know what is off page SEO, then you might know about local SEO as well. If your business is location oriented, then local SEO can be a big help for you. With local SEO, your ads reach the people living around you so that you can have better sales. For example, if you are a school owner, you would want people in your town and city to know about your school so that more students get admission to your school. In such scenarios, local SEO can help you. 

6. Forums 

Google loves discussions, so if you participate in forums and talk about your products and services, then your website can get a better ranking and more profit. It also includes replying to people through comments and helping users in solving their problems. This puts a good reputation and knowledge out there, which helps in getting more engagement and leads. 

7. Brand Mentions

Brand mention means a user mentioning your brand on social media or some other websites. It simply reflects that since you offer good products and services, more people are talking about you. Moreover, brand mentions from high-traffic websites directly boost your ranking, and you start getting more traffic with a better search engine ranking. 

8. Press Release (PR)

The main job of the press is to communicate information to the masses. If you release your products and services in the press, it will help you reach a larger audience in a short time. All in all, if you are someone who can afford a press release, then you must go for it. This technique will give you more visibility. 

9. Brand Signal 

Brand signals are all the factors that a search engine considers in deciding the ranking of your website. With the help of off page SEO checklist, you can influence the brand signals and get better ranking and ultimately, more traffic. 

10. Influencer Marketing

We all know that in order to have good sales, it is very important to reach your targeted audience. With the help of influencer marketing, you can reach your targeted audience faster. It is basically a process where you ask an influencer from the same niche to promote your brand in return for a commission. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the benefits of off-page SEO: 

  1. a) Enhanced user engagement. 
  2. b) Building online reputation. 
  3. c) Increased website visibility. 
  4. d) Improved search engine rankings. 
  5. e) Reach the targeted audience faster.

If your business is location based then local SEO helps in sending your ads to people in and around your city so that your brand’s visibility and engagement can increase. 

Some of the off-page SEO tools are: 

  1. a) Social media marketing 
  2. b) Backlinks 
  3. c) Guest Posting 
  4. d) Broken Link Building 
  5. e) Local SEO 
  6. f) Forum 
  7. g) Press release
  8. h) Influencer marketing  
  9. i) Brand signal 
  10. j) Brand mentions

Off-page SEO or off-site SEO is basically all the activities that are done outside the website to improve its ranking. It includes off-page SEO factors like building backlinks and broken links, local SEO, social media marketing, brand mentions, affiliate marketing, etc.  


If you want to improve your website’s ranking, then SEO is extremely important for you. When it comes to SEO, most people focus on on page SEO and completely forget about off page SEO. However, off-site SEO also plays a very vital role in the ranking of a website. With these techniques, you can get more engagement and traffic. We hope this article of what is off page SEO was helpful to you. 

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