Pros and Cons of Blogging

The Pros and Cons of Blogging You Need to Know Before Starting a Blog

Do you wish to start blogging? If something is holding you back from starting your blogging journey, then here we are to get you started with the right set of information on blogging. Before starting anything, it is important to weigh its pros and cons to know whether it is perfect for you or not if you are also confused about the pros and cons of blogging. Which weighs more? Then, this guide will answer all the waving questions in your head. Let’s get started!

What is a Blog?

What is a Blog

A blog is a  piece of writing on a particular topic; it even includes graphics, tables, and other forms of elaboration. With the advancement in technology, the number of bloggers is increasing day by day. Well, blogging is one of the important components of any business website. It helps to build an organic audience for your brand. 

Blogging includes informal language, as it is basically more about tips, solutions, troubleshooters, and other helping techniques. If you want to do blogging full-time, then it is important to weigh advantage and disadvantage of blogging. So, without further ado, let’s explore.

Pros of Blogging


There are various pros of blogging. No doubt that blogging can give new extents in life in terms of money, exposure, and network. Let’s measure the horizons of blogging by unveiling its top advantages.

1. A Low-Cost Investment

Blogging doesn’t require high-end investments. People usually start blogging due to its low-cost investment criteria. You don’t need to blast a bomb in your pocket to start your blogging journey. Instead, you just need to put your time and effort into it to ripe extraordinary results. 

2. Opportunity To Be an Expert

Blogging needs too much effort in writing; this makes you the expert in the domain. However, you need to be an expert on something before starting blogging.  Readers will trust the expert more rather than any normal writer. 

3. Flexibility! Be Your Own Boss

Flexibility is one of the best advantages of blogging. Being your own boss is such a best part of blogging. One is not required to work on someone else’s orders. Time foundations are also not there; you can work on your own terms.  

4. Make Money in Varied Ways

Blogging helps you to churn out different ways to earn money. One can earn a great amount of money through blogging, not only from AdSense but by up-selling the leads, even the websites. There are various ways to earn through blogging. 

5. Development of New Connections

Blogging is itself a business that doesn’t require much investment. Moreover, you can develop your business and develop new connections. Well, making connections will never cost you. In fact, they would be helpful for you in the future. 

6. High Website Traffic

Having a website requires you to have traffic to generate a good income through it. If you have traffic, then you can sell your service there. This would help you to generate your business. An informative blog will get a new audience to your website. If you really want to enjoy high traffic, then you must try DGkul’s SEO services to boost traffic. 

7. Replace Your Day Job

Working in an office may devastate you sometimes. It is important to have extra income sources so that you have financial security. Moreover, sitting in front of a laptop may lead you to serious health problems. Hence, with blogging, you can take advantage of flexible working hours. 

8. Boost Your Income

It takes nothing to start blogging; you just need to make some time and effort for it. No doubt that blogging will open various sources of income for you. You can generate great revenue from blogging & you will get a boost in your existing income.

Cons of Blogging

Cons of Blogging

Every coin has two sides, and so does blogging. By reading the pros above, you may find blogging interesting. It has definitely enticed you in many ways, but it’s important to know the other side before actually getting into it. 

1. Requires Plenty of Patience

Blogging is a process that requires a lot of patience, also not every blogger earns. It requires effort. If you are wise enough to target the perfect audience, then it is a good way to earn a decent amount of money. However, gaining an audience will take time of at least 3 to 4 months.  

2. Requires Basic Tech Skills

Working on a website requires basic tech skills. From the creation to management, it all takes plenty of effort to have a great website that has traffic. You will be required to design and code a website for creating a user-friendly interface. Well, you can connect with Dgkul’s web development services to leverage the technicalities of your website. 

3. Requires Decent Writing Skills

Writing skills are paramount in blogging, as you only have to write for blogging. Hence, it is important to possess decent writing skills. However, you can hire content writers for your blogs if you really don’t enjoy writing. 

4. Requires Skill of Being Organized 

You are required to be organized and self-motivated, as you will not be under any pressure at work. However, if you want to be excel in blogging, then you need to work hard, and for that, you are required to be self-motivated and self-aware. 

Should You Start blogging?

If writing is your passion and you love to write your experiences, then blogging is for you. It is a zero-investment concept, but it takes your efforts and time. A Blogger is required to have some patience and calmness to start their journey. It is obvious that blogging starts giving results after some time. Hence, earnings will get a bit delayed, which is why people lose patience and drop it in between. This is why we would like to advise you to have patience while doing blogging. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. What are the negative effects of blogging?

There are various negative aspects that can stop you from getting started with blogging. As blogging requires much patience, and rewards are too delayed. This is the only and the major con of blogging. Well, this is the reason why people stop blogging.

Q2. Is blogging free?

Yes, blogging is free you don’t have to invest in it. There are various blogging platforms that do not charge you, such as WordPress and Blogger.

Q3. How much does blogging pay?

Usually, a blogger can expect an amount of rupees $5000. Well, this amount would take a lot of effort and time from you. Hence, in the initial phase, you must not expect to earn a huge amount

Q4. What are the benefits and advantages of blogging?

You can boost your existing income through blogging and start working for yourself rather than for others. It gives you the flexibility of working hours as you become your own boss when it comes to working. Despite all this, it has a very good potential for making money. 

Q5. What is the main purpose of blogging?

A blog serves the purpose of educating readers on a specific topic. Moreover, blogs can be used to increase the audience engagement and can increase the traffic on the website.

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