Scope of Digital Marketing in India

Scope of Digital Marketing in India- Why You Should Study Digital Marketing?

Since the world is moving towards digitalization, digital marketing has become the most growing field. Today, if a brand wants to grow, it is compulsory for them to have an online presence. It allows the brand to reach a new audience and increase brand awareness. But how? With the help of digital marketing. 

In this article, we will understand the scope of digital marketing in India. Along with this, we will also understand career options after digital marketing and how it helps businesses with their growth. So, without any further delay, let’s get started. 

Digital Marketing: Introduction

Digital Marketing

You must be wondering what digital marketing actually is. In simple words, digital marketing is the way to enhance your business’s presence on the internet and ultimately generate more leads. Today, various tools and techniques are used to do this. SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, etc., are some of the tools of digital marketing. 

Today, most businesses opt for digital marketing because it is way better than traditional marketing. Features like affordability, taking your ads to the targeted audience, and easy management make digital marketing stand above traditional marketing. 

Scope of Digital Marketing in India

Scope of Digital Marketing in India

The world is moving towards digitalization. Especially after the COVID pandemic, most things have become online. Now, many people spend half of their day on the internet, surfing and consuming content. Because of this, digital marketing has become an ever-growing field. 

The scope of digital marketing in India is also expanding every day. More and more companies are opting for digital marketing rather than traditional marketing to grow their businesses. This is why, the need for digital marketing experts is also increasing. Now, every company either goes to a digital marketing agency for all their digital marketing needs or has a separate digital marketing team of their own.   

This has led to the emergence of a pool of job and entrepreneurial opportunities. These days, more and more people are taking digital marketing courses so that they can get jobs in this field or even start their own company. 

As per industry experts, in the next 10 years, the digital marketing field is going to expand by 70%. So, the digital marketing future in India is very bright. We can see more and more people investing and working in this field in the near future. 

Career Options After Digital Marketing

Career Options After Digital Marketing

Now you are well aware of the fact that the digital marketing scope in India is very large, let’s have a look at the career scope in digital marketing. Once you have completed a digital marketing course, the door to a variety of job options opens for you. Here are some of the digital marketing career scopes for you: 

1. Become a Blogger

Do you like writing? Are you an expert in any particular niche? Then, starting your own blog page can be a really good option for you. This will not only allow you to work in the field of your interest but also have a good work-life balance. Once you learn all the techniques and tactics, you can earn up to $10,000 a month with blogging. 

2. Provide Freelancing Services

Working for the same company every day can be really boring. So, providing freelancing services can be another scope of digital marketing in India. You can provide multiple freelancing services like content writing, web designing, web development, SEO, etc. With freelancing, you can work for multiple companies at the same time, that too from the comfort of your home. 

3. Start Your YouTube Channel

If you like to be on camera and have a good knowledge of any particular field or niche, then you can start your own YouTube channel. YouTube is the best way to earn good money. It allows you to use all your creativity and knowledge. Moreover, as your audience increases, your income through YouTube will also increase.  

4. AdSense and Affiliate Marketing

Another scope of digital marketing in India is AdSense and Affiliate marketing. For this, you need to start your website or application in any particular niche. Once you start getting good traffic on your website, you can start earning money by putting ads for your clients on your high-traffic website. If you use these tools properly, you can make an ample amount of money through AdSense and Affiliate Marketing. 

5. Your Own Agency

Do you want to become an entrepreneur? If yes, then you can start your own digital marketing agency. Here, clients will come to you to help them with digital marketing for their business. You can build your own teams of content, SEO, web development, etc., and help your clients grow their businesses. 

6. SEO Specialist

The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The main job of an SEO specialist is to find the most search keywords on the search engine and use them in the website, content, application, blogs, etc., in such a manner that the website starts appearing on the top of the search engine. 

They also work with links, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, etc. When we talk about digital marketing career scope, SEO specialist is one of the most popular career options in this field. 

7. Content Marketer

Do you love creating content? Do you understand what people want to see in terms of content? If yes, then content marketing is a very good digital marketing scope in India. Today, most people consume content in various forms like blogs, videos, infographics, reviews, testimonials, eBooks, etc. 

The main job of a content marketer is to create engaging content for the target audience, which includes proper involvement of the brand as well so that the sales can actually increase and the brand can grow. 

8. EMail Marketer

You must have received emails from various brands. That is what email marketing basically is. The main job of an email marketer is to build email lists, create leads, and ultimately generate leads with the help of written communication. Being an email marketer, you can earn an average salary of 5 to 7 lakhs a month.

9. PPC Expert

The term PPC stands for Pay Per Click. Pay per clicks are advertisements where the adviser only has to pay for the ad when someone actually clicks on the advertisement and opens it. PPC ads are cost-effective and easy to manage, and this is why most businesses opt for this form of ads. By becoming a PPC expert, you can provide PPC services to a number of brands and businesses and earn a good amount of money.

10. Web and Data Analyst

If you are good at handling large-size data, then becoming a web and data analyst is a very good digital marketing scope in India for you. Because most people are not aware of this. In web and data analysis, you need to analyze large data to find out patterns, similarities, and differences. The results are used to make better strategies for the future. 

Why You Should Study Digital Marketing?

Why You Should Study Digital Marketing?

You must be wondering why you should study digital marketing. Well, since this field is growing exponentially in India, there are many benefits of pursuing a digital marketing job. Some of the benefits are mentioned below: 

1. Increasing Job Opportunities 

By now, you know that the scope of digital marketing in India is expanding. More and more digital marketing agencies are being created every day. More and more companies are choosing digital marketing over traditional marketing. Because of this, the need of digital marketing experts is increasing every day. If you have digital marketing skills, you can easily get a job. 

2. Great Salary 

Why do we all work? Ultimately, to earn good money, right? You can achieve this goal with digital marketing jobs. The average salary in the digital marketing field is 6 to 10 lakhs per annum. Moreover, as you start getting experience and expertise in any particular area, your salary eventually increases. 

3. Start Your Career Easily

Well, digital marketing is the only field where you can easily get a job, just after a digital marketing course. You do not need to invest very much time and money in your studies. You can even go for a digital marketing course after 10th. So, if you want to start your career early and easily, digital marketing is the best choice for you.

4. Adds Up To Your Skills 

The skills that you will learn in digital marketing are going to help you in every field and profession. Moreover, if you are already in business, digital marketing skills are going to be a big plus for you. It will help you get better jobs and salaries. This is the reason why people choose digital marketing for even courses after M.Com and M.B.A.

5. Recession Proof Jobs 

During the COVID pandemic, when everyone was losing their jobs, digital marketing was one of the few fields where no firings were happening. Only the work mode was just shifted to Work From Home. Since the digital marketing scope in India is so high, it is a recession-proof job. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How much does a digital marketer earn in India?

It totally depends on the field that you expertise in. However, the average salary in digital marketing is 6 to 10 lakhs per annum. Moreover, it increases with your work experience. 

Q2. What are the benefits of studying digital marketing? 

Here are some of the benefits of studying digital marketing.

  • The scope of digital marketing in India is expanding, so a lot of job opportunities. 
  • It allows you to work for multiple clients from your home. 
  • Recession-proof job. 
  • The skills of digital marketing help you in every field. 
  • Easy to start your career.
  • Allows you to start your own business.  

Q3. What skills do I need to study digital marketing? 

Here are the skills that you need to study digital marketing: 

  • Creative Thinking
  • Adaptability 
  • Data Analysis 
  • Good Communication Skills 
  • Social Media and Internet Knowledge 
  • Basic Designing Skills
  • Good Writing Skills

Q4. What industry benefits the most from digital marketing?

Today, almost every industry, be it the food industry or electronics industry, opts for digital marketing because of the increased use of the internet and social media. However, here are some of the industries that benefit the most from digital marketing: 

  • Entertainment 
  • Food 
  • eCommerce 
  • Fitness 
  • Education 

Q5. What is the digital marketing career scope?

The digital marketing career scope is very good, and it is expanding every day. Here are some of the career options after digital marketing: 

  • Content marketer 
  • PPC expert 
  • Email marketer 
  • AdSense 
  • Affiliate marketing


All in all, the scope of digital marketing in India is very good. The best part is, its scope is growing every day. Now, more and more people are going for entrepreneurship and starting their own digital marketing agency. Moreover, digital marketing has a huge pool of job opportunities for people who want to do great in their lives.

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